Create a culture of wellness with Twin Cities Corporate Yoga

Join other leading companies all over the country that are using yoga to boost performance, creativity, and innovation.

Enjoy first-rate yoga instruction conveniently located at your workplace.

Do you want more focus, revived energy, and less stress? I can help you with that.

The techniques I teach can:

  • improve concentration and focus
  • reduce stress levels
  • improve overall mood of employees
  • enhance work performance and creativity
  • lower mental fatigue & improve decision-making
  • increase physical & mental wellbeing
  • enhance communication skills & team building

An excited and passionate workforce is flexible, resilient, and adaptable. Someone sitting at a desk all day cannot be these things. When your body and mind feels strong and capable, the work is better, the mind becomes more focused, and people are happier.

The purpose of Twin Cities Corporate Yoga is to transform stress, neck & back pain, and fatigue into sharper focus, ease in the body, and greater productivity.

Teresa makes corporate yoga accessible, inviting, and fun.

For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits. (University of Michigan Research Centre)

Contact me to arrange a corporate yoga wellness program at your workplace. We will work together to create a program that fits your unique needs.

“I love that you come to us and I get to do yoga in the middle of the day! I feel stiff, cold and somewhat frazzled coming to yoga class from my desk. Yoga calms me and makes the remainder of my workday much more comfortable for my body. Yoga has helped to relieve a constant stiff neck and a sore back from sitting at a desk all day. It helps to keep my body in check and helps with back issues. Teresa is gentle, knowledgeable, and consistent. Her classes are balanced and thoughtful. Try yoga at work for a few classes. You’ll definitely want her to come back for more!” – Sarah Smith, Eagan