Yoga is a holistic system that has existed for thousands of years. It is a comprehensive system for achieving optimal mind & body health.

Yoga transforms the way we think. It’s been scientifically proven here and here.

How can yoga help you in business?

  • Yoga brings blood and oxygen to the brain which creates focus, enhances creativity, and innovation.
  • Yoga reduces tension in the body. When your body feel comfortable you can work efficiently.
  • Yoga makes you smarter! Source
  • Yoga de-stresses you. Source

Click here to read a Forbes article titled, “How Yoga Made Me Be a Better CEO.”

What does the research show?
Harvard Medical School states that yoga reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure and eases respiration. There is also evidence that yoga helps increase heart rate variability, an indicator of the body’s ability to respond to stress more flexibly. Source

In 2004, the annual costs for lost wages resulting from back pain were estimated at $22.4 billion. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. 25.9 million persons lost an average of 7.2 days of work due to back pain – a total of 186.7 million work days were lost just that year. Source

Company Benefits

            • Improves motivation and retention
            • Reduces cost of sick leave
            • Enhances creativity, productivity, and innovation
            • Reduces absenteeism due to stress, depression, and anxiety
            • Reduces cost of employee turnover
            • Increases team building and organizational performance

Employee Benefits

            • Reduces stress and anxiety
            • Improves posture
            • Strengthens the immune system
            • Improves focus and concentration
            • Gives employees tools to be resilient in all work related situations
            • Tones and strengthens muscles

“Yoga is a great break for some physical movement during the work day. Before class, I’m ready for some movement and after class I leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and taller! Teresa’s classes are encouraging and positive. Overall, I have less stress during the work day.”            – Margaret Hughes, St Paul, MN